Christmas Special🌲: Questions and Answers



I know it’s early, and some of you might be getting ready for the big “Black Friday” right? Don’t forget to get yourself nice serveware for Christmas. Nonetheless, someone asked if I would be doing a Christmas special this year like I did last year? And the answer is unfortunately “No”. This year has been absolutely crazy, fun, grievous all at once. Some of us are healing from open wounds, some are rejoicing harvesting, and all these happen for a reason, to help us grow, to be better people than we were yesterday. Sometime when are in are pain we don’t see beyond it and its great lessons, that we however learn in retrospect. Although this is a food blog, allow me to speak what’s in my heart, that is “joy comes in the morning, and please do not lose hope. Keep spreading more love, the world needs it.”. Now let’s get to what this post is about, that is, Christmas Special Questions and Answers.


Last year, I was in the spirit of giving, and gave you my recipes in a form of a free ebook (here), this year I had planned to give you recipes on the blog, but due to some of the events happening this year and time constraints, I will not be able to, hence will try my level best to answer some of your questions through this blog. I will answer questions based on my experience, and if I haven’t tried something I will let you and attempt to give you probable answers if I can:-)


I have a variety of recipes in my book, perhaps not what you would traditionally cook as a standard Christmas meal. Nevertheless, in my mind when I was making the recipes, I remembered that cooking does not start and stop with Christmas, and that, there are breakfasts, lunches and dinners, that need to be cooked\baked heading up to Christmas and then after. So, if you go through my book, expect a relaxed and a tad unusual way of cooking and experimenting with ingredients. The meals and bakes are for gatherings, any form, from hangover mornings, to teatime, to lazy family afternoons and dinners.


For Christmas, I vow by:

My Roasted Chicken and Potato with Orange Gravy,

Brenda’s Lamb Roast,

Cottage and Lemon Curd Cheesecake,

Spruced-Up Rice,

Whiskey and Chocolate Bundt Cakes,

Ayanda’s Cocktail,

Beetroot Salad with Granadilla Dressing.

If you have tried these and experienced difficulties, please do let me know.

And now, it’s time for you to start asking those questions………..


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